Things to Keep in Mind During Your Nanny Search


Have you decided that the best way to take care of your children is to hire a nanny? Now that you have settled on that, you are going to want to begin the search for the perfect one to take care of your kids. If you have never hired a nanny before, you might feel overwhelmed or need a good place to start organizing your thoughts. Here are some things to keep in mind when you begin your search for a nanny.

Write Down What you Need

Nannies come with a wide variety of skills. This means that you need to choose one whose skill set matches up with what you need for your children. Make a list of all the things you are going to need your nanny to do for you in a given day or week. Use that list as a way to start searching for candidates. You want to match up the skills that your prospective nannies have to the things you want them to do for you. Hiring a nanny who specializes in infants and toddlers really won’t help your 6 and 8 year olds with their homework. 

Fitting In with the Family

You will want to file this under a need. Keep in mind you want to find a nanny who matches up with your family’s identity. This might mean hiring a nanny of the same religion as you so that your holidays match up. Perhaps your family has a certain personality that might be considered too formal (or not formal enough) for some nannies. If you have strong views on discipline or other childcare philosophies, you will want to make sure that your nanny is on board with reinforcing them with your children. Be up front about these preferences when you are interviewing your candidates so that there are no surprises after you hire your nanny. 

What Is Your Budget?

You need to determine what your family can afford and build your budget accordingly. Take a look to see what the average salary for a nanny is in your area. Remember, offering perks like paid vacations, sick days and mileage may help you attract more candidates for the position. You also want to make sure that if you are planning a long term relationship with your nanny that you have enough room for them to grow financially. Leave room in your budget for raises, bonuses or other incentives if you plan on making them part of your family for the long term.

The Big Picture

Where do you see yourself in two, five and ten years down the road? Do you plan on having your nanny stay with the family and grow with you, or is this a short term prospect due to a job or other temporary situation? Fit your requirements to reflect the need.

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