Qualities to Look For In a Nanny

Your child deserves only the best and if you are looking for the right nanny then here are some qualities that you should consider first:


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  1. Trustworthy – Parents have to place an enormous amount of trust in their nanny. Of course the biggest show of trust is allowing her to care for their children. But they also trust her with their home, car, and lots of sensitive information about their family. A nanny’s trustworthy is an important part of the hiring decision. Knowing your caregiver is going to love and care for your child at all times and make good decisions based on his health and well-being is a must. Knowing she’s going to respect your home and property, protect your privacy and keep what she sees and hears on the job confidential is also important. Source
  1. Knows About Safety – Of course tumbles will happen, but a good nanny makes safety a priority both at home and when she and your child are out and about. She’ll hold your child’s hand when they cross a street on the way to the park, keep a close eye on him in the backyard, and keep the safety gate to the kitchen closed at all times. If she drives your child, you’ll want to ride with her yourself at least once or twice to see what she’s like on the road. Make sure the car she uses is well maintained and that she always buckles up your child in the car seat. Source
  1. Respectful – Different parents will have different styles of rearing their children. A good nanny will want to find out what your parenting philosophies are and make sure that she at least understands and respects them. Ideally, you want a nanny who shares you beliefs. At the very least, she should not do anything that will go against the set of values or the house rules that you have already instilled upon your children. If anything, a great nanny will help you in making sure that naptime, for instance, is followed and that all the kids still follow your rules even when you’re not around. Source 

As you can see, finding a nanny shouldn’t be that hard just as long as you know which qualities to look for and can be reliable in terms of handling your child.


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