Protect Yourself with a Nanny Contract

Nanny Contract

It may seem like a breach of trust for you to insist that your nanny sign a contract. While most people can agree on just what it is a nanny is supposed to do for you, having all of the responsibilities written down for everyone to see can help to avoid any issues and, should something happen, provide you with a legal backup. Here are some of the things that you want to include in your Nanny Contract.

Duties and Responsibilities

The first thing that you want to outline is what your nanny is going to be responsible for. This includes the work schedule and living arrangements. Other details like meals are a good thing to include. Are you going to provide your nanny with a car to use during the day or a cell phone? This might also be a good place to include those sorts of perks. Finally, you want to outline the types of things you want your nanny to do with the children. Include things like trips to the zoo or museums if that is what you wish. If you don’t want field trips, then mention those details upfront.

Pay and Benefits

Your contract should start out with the rate of pay. Is it going to change based on when the nanny is available for you? What about working on weekends and holidays? Are there any bonuses that you plan to offer? Make sure to include the pay schedule so that it isn’t a surprise if you are planning on paying monthly but your nanny is expecting a weekly check. Overtime is also a consideration you are going to have to keep in mind, so you want to make sure to mention what overtime laws will apply if overtime is necessary.

The next things you want to make sure to include are any additional benefits that you are going to offer your nanny. This should include things like vacation time, sick time, paid holidays and personal time off. What kind of notice are you going to need if any of this time off is used?

Other things to consider: Are you going to expect the nanny to travel with the family for vacations? Are you going to do performance reviews, and if so, on what schedule?


In the age of social media, this is an important part of your contract. Is it okay for your nanny to mention your kids on her social media feeds? What about pictures or mentions of your family name? You might also want to avoid your nanny posting negative things on their social media feeds. Take time to consider what sort of confidentially you will expect and explicitly outline it.

Termination Notice

How much notice are you going to require before you or your nanny ends her employment? Be sure this is outlined, and what exemptions to this rule exist.

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