Amazing Nannies-Introducing Corinne


A Little About My Experience and Philosophy with Regard to Childcare and Household Support

First and most important is my genuine love for children. I feel it is an honor to care for them and spend my time teaching and exploring with them as well. I enjoy being outdoors with kids as it increases their learning of the world around them and prefer little or no T.V. — as there is a whole wide world out there to play in. 🙂 I strive to build engaging, upbeat days around the child’s interests as well as providing a nurturing, safe, loving and stable environment. I love to be silly and have fun with a natural enthusiasm and take it all in stride. I have the ability to discipline and provide guidance when needed with a very common sense approach. Communication and trust with the family is key. Past employers will say I’m very trustworthy and respectful of my employer’s home, property and most of all their children! My many years of volunteer work on the Parent Advisory Council, in the classrooms, on field trips, with one-to-one literacy programs in local preschools, elementary and high schools have enriched my life and skills as parent and caregiver. I have attended many workshops, courses and classes related to parenting and care giving. My many years (15 plus) running my own in-home daycare and several nanny positions have made it easy to adjust and adapt to change. I am punctual and have excellent time management skills, while keeping everything and everyone on the right track! I have over 20 years of driving experience, my own car and an impeccable driving record. I am looking forward to another new beginning with a terrific family…..Corinne