Are Nanny Services Right for You?

Vancouver Nanny Services Available Full-time or Part-time
Children are little bundles of joy that we love to death and for whom we would do anything, yet whenever they start a temper tantrum or open their mouths to cry, we parents run for cover and wish for Mary Poppins to fly in and take over. Our children are our most invaluable assets, and many mothers and fathers would not hesitate to stay at home to raise them; however, in many cases, it is not only impossible, but also impractical. We commend those who choose to become stay-at-home parents, but if you are expecting and are unsure of whether to take care of your own child or to hire help, we recommend asking the following five questions to help determine your answer.

Question 1: Can you handle fulltime childcare?

Raising a child is a 24/7 job that never rests, demanding your fulltime attention and devotion. Your child may cry in the middle of the night, have an accident at school, or need to go to the bathroom at the most inopportune times. In a way, a parent functions as an on-call guardian, and it is a responsibility that can drain both your mental and physical energy. If you do not foresee yourself being able to manage the stress and heavy demands of a full-time parent, consider hiring part-time help to ease your load.

Question 2: Can you give up your career?

Before your child is born, you may have had a promising and satisfying career. While there are many people who enjoy spending time with their child more than working, there are also those who need more stimulation in order to stay satisfied with life. If you feel that you begin to miss work and wish to return to your job, it is a clear sign that being a stay-at-home/fulltime parent is not for you.

Question 3: Can you afford nanny services?

Nanny salaries vary by the experiences of the candidate as well as by region. Typically, the hourly rates of a good nanny range from $15 to 22 an hour. While paying health insurance is not required, the hours can add up to a hefty amount, so be sure to have a strong budget before you set out to hire a nanny. If returning to work can cover your nanny fees as well as provide an extra income, then it is more beneficial to consider the extra help.

Question 4: Are you emotionally able to let your child go?

Many parents may feel uneasy leaving their child in the hands of a stranger. It is very common and perfectly normal. If you are strongly emotionally attached to your child and are unable to cope with the thoughts of trusting another individual to care for your child, then by all means do not force yourself. However, if you feel secure enough to allow your child to have more interactions with other people than yourself, and are confident enough in your parent-child bond, then it is a good indication that you are emotionally capable of accepting nanny services.

Question 5: Do you have the support of your significant other?

Your partner’s support of your decision is critical. After all, your child is the product of both of your contributions. If your partner is unsupportive and unwilling/unable to help you with child-rearing, finances, and household chores, it could negatively impact your child’s development and family dynamics. Whatever course of action you take, make sure you are in mutual agreement with your partner. If both of you feel hiring a nanny is the better option, then do not hesitate to consider outside help.

Whether you choose to stay at home or work, it is absolutely necessary to remind yourself that there is no such thing as the perfect parent(hood). Every decision you make impacts your child, but with careful consideration, you can make the best of anything that the future may throw at you. Should you arrive to the conclusion that hiring a nanny is the way to go, please refer to our nanny services page and allow us the pleasure of assisting you to find the prefect caregiver for your child.

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